Clip-Tabs™ are the creation of entrepreneur Janet L., who first had the idea back in 1999, after continuously attaching sticky notes to documents with paper clips. Finding that messy, cumbersome, and time consuming, Janet had the desire to combine these 2 products into 1 to create an easy and simple tool to help her get quickly organized. With the partnership of her brother Max L., Clip-rite™ has been able to bring Clip-Tabs to the American, European, and Australian markets in 2007. The sister and brother duo hope that you will enjoy using Clip-tabs to enhance your life at work, school, or home.

Clip-rite is Janet’s second venture. In 1997, she founded Ficcare, a line of upscale women’s
fashion accessories sold at fine department stores, boutiques, and salons across more than 20 countries. Janet is the designer and oversees daily operations at her company who is completing its 10th year anniversary in 2007. Please check it out at

Clip-Tabs are patented in the US, Europe, Japan, China and patent pending in other parts of the world. Clip-rite is a privately held company based in the San Francisco Bay Area founded in 2006 and launching its debut product line in 2007.

For more information about Clip-rite and Clip-Tabs, please contact us at