What do you get when you cross a paper clip with a sticky note? Clip-Tabs™ by Clip-rite™. A new 2-in-1 instant organizing product for taming the paper monster, Clip-Tabs are a simple and fast way to help organize documents and put paper in its place.

Clip-Tabs integrate a strong, high quality, European-style paper clip with colorful and durable American made paper tabs. Used at work, school, or home, they can “clip & tab,” write, file and pile to instantly organize documents in one quick and easy step.

The Clip-Tab paper is made of a special paper stock that won’t smear when writing with gel or rollerball pen. Clip-Tabs come in two-toned vibrant colors and writable on both sides, making it reversible so you get twice the use out of one piece. They are reusable, removable, and recyclable.

Each package contains 24 or 36 pieces and also includes a recyclable lightweight clear dispenser for easy access and use. Clip-Tabs come in 3 tab widths, from small to large, and 1 paper clip size; it can securely clip up to 30 sheets. More paper clip sizes and paper colors are coming out soon!


The ways to organize Clip-Tabs are limited only by imagination. Here are some ideas of what you can do with Clip-Tabs:

  • They can be used for personal organizing systems to sort documents by section, subject, and action, and they work easily inside file folders, accordion files and file cabinets.
  • Clip-Tabs work well on the desktop as to-do list organizers and for deadline alerts.
  • For the “filers” and “pilers” of the world, Clip-Tab bundles documents from the top or from the side. Attached at the top of a file, upright files are better organized for faster access. A Clip-Tab clipped on the side of papers is effective for those who employ the more “traditional” style of organizing, i.e. piles, as stacks of paper are instantly sorted and labeled for future action. For added functionality and visual appeal, items can even be organized by color.
  • As an exciting new “Back to School” tool, Clip-Tabs make life easier for educators and students. In addition to the instant personal organization offered by Clip-Tabs, students can use them as study aids, to bookmark important material within a larger document or textbook, separate tasks by due dates, etc.
  • Teachers can also use Clip-Tabs to bundle homework to be graded, homework already graded, and study plans.
  • And then there are the many personal, fun and creative ways to use Clip-Tabs every day at home: bookmarks, potato chip bag closers, tax receipt and document keepers, ticket savers, bill pay reminders, incoming mail sorter, homework by child, photo organizers, and many more.